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Christ Church Brownsover membership

Thank you for your interest in  joining our family at Christ Church, here you can download the membership form

Alternatively complete and submit the form on line. Please note submitting the form on line is taken as acceptance of our data protection policy, which ensures your data will only be shared with Christ Church leaders and administrators for the purpose of Christ Church and will not be passed out without your permission.

 Please complete 1 form for each person 16 and over  - there is a separate form for under 16's 

Name       Phone   




Birthday       (optional)

What do you currently attend at Christ Church                   


A number of members are linked by a prayer web, which enables them to be praying quickly for urgent needs, often confidential in nature  - if you feel you can be part of this group then please check this box 

If you would like your name to be included on our Church Family Prayer list and know that you are regularly being prayed for, then please check this box 

If you would like to receive the Church Family Prayer list and commit to regularly pray for our family then please check here  

We believe that being family includes a desire to meet with other members, Please summarise any opportunities for mid week meetings with  other Christians you may have.


If you don't meet -  which days/times would be best?


I would like to discuss ways of supporting the church with planned financial donations    

My planned giving to Christ Church is already in place  

 Please select a membership option

1 - Church contact- receive our weekly newsletter and  information by email and keep up to date with what is happening  or

2 - Christ Church member - join as a member of Christ Church and be part of our family life   or

3 -Denominational Member - sign up on the roll of one of our supporting denominations (Anglican, Baptist, Methodist) our membership secretary will contact you to confirm    - if you select this it also includes option 2 - or 

4 - Just Looking - too early to say yet, but would like to be contacted in a few months for follow up 

If you have selected option 2 or 3 we invite you to indicate below any skills and talents you feel you could offer the church - please understand this is not asking for a commitment, it's simply understanding the type of talents available within our family - when you are ready to volunteer we will meet discuss and pray with you. 

Please select from the list below or add anything else in the box provided - providing this information is optional

 Meeting and welcoming people at our services


 Reading in Church


 Prayers during the service 


 Technical Support (Sound/Multimedia)


 Clearing up after services


 Creating Music during the services


 Refreshments after the services


 Working with children in SPARKS


Youth Work in mid week groups


 Family Fun in Messy Church


 Flowers for church


 Creche during services


 Teddy Bears, Mums & Toddlers


 Family Work


 Web design


 Artwork/banners/leaflet creation


 Creative arts/drama


 Building maintenance


 Gardening & ground maintenance




 Prison ministry


 Street pastors


Healing on the streets




 Baptism and other pastoral visiting


 Community mission




 World view


Fund raising


 Catering for social events


 Looking after the church library


 Leading small groups


 Prayer Ministry after services


Other (please specify)