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Worshipping God, Making Disciples, Transforming Communities

God’s Story, Our Story, Your Story


We believe God answers prayers, and is active today helping and transforming situations, and uses His church to make a difference. 

 The bible tells us in Deuteronomy 9:10  "Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them."

We also know that some prayers just don't seem to be answered, we don't know why, but should that stop us believing that many prayers do get answered?.

The following are some of the stories from people in our churches, they are shown anonymously, but if you wish to speak to the owner of any one of them, please request this on the contact form and we will get back to you.

These stories are real, but the list is not exhaustive - if you have a story to tell of God answering prayer and situations being transformed then please let us know.

It could be that some of these stories resonate with where you are today - if so please get in touch, we would love to pray for you.

God Transforms through worship and prayer.

Worship and prayer is about spending time with God - when we do He answers prayers.  You may think some of this is just coincidence – but so many “coincidences” happen around church, don’t you think it a bit odd? Or is that just a coincidence……….

  • The mother who was told her unborn baby was missing one kidney and in all probability would not survive and should be aborted. – the church prayed – the baby has grown up really healthy and is now at university.

God knows us and loves us even when we are in the womb. 

  • The couple who were desperate for children but after years of trying God miraculously answered their cry and a baby was conceived naturally

God cares, listens to our cries and does intervene.

  • The 2 ladies who scans revealed cancerous growths - the church prayed the growths disappeared.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit God does heal today

  • The alcoholic with broken relationships whose life was a mess and who needed support and encouragement - the church prayed - God answered. The person has a new life, new relationships and is set free .

Jesus came so that captives may be released.

  • The man who was searching for something, which he couldn’t express, but knew money couldn’t buy it, in his search he looked at the church, which showed him love and prayed for him – God answered the prayer - the man now has new purpose and a feeling of being complete.

Jesus came so that we may have life in all its fullnessworship

  • The stubborn guy who wouldn’t let go  - he had it all in control and didn’t need God – then it all went wrong, who could he turn to? – in his distress he prayed “God if you are there, help!” – the prayer was answered and the man has a new exciting life, family and relationships rebuilt.

God loves us, cares and wants to help, but we have to want it.

  • The person who wanted to move house, but kept on getting rejected by the council – they prayed – God answered with a dream confirming that the way was clear, the next day they tried again and doors miraculously opened

God can transform situations, also by the power of His spirit prophecy happens.

  • A person who was really desperate, no food, no money, no hope, prayed for a miracle - the following day they met a member of the church, they prayed together and found practical support – the person’s life has been transformed, they are wondering if they are living a dream, the change is that dramatic   – they believe a miracle has happened .

God is still performing  miracles today.  

  • A person diagnosed with a chronic degenerative illness – how can God exist if this can happen? – they prayed and were given a new hope and a revitalised faith by knowing that, in God all things come together.

He is faithful and promises a place with no more pain, tears or sadness.                    

Transforming Communities

Christ Church has an aim to have a positive impact on the community around us, and we regularly pray for God to lead us in this area. Prayers are answered and Christ Church is recognised by the council as the one voluntary organisation on Brownsover making a real difference. Some stories:-

  • The church played a key role in establishing a job club in September  2013 (Brownsover Buddy Cub) and started helping people to find employment, it has grown to offer a range of on-line training and general support. Through it a number of people, way beyond expectations, have been helped.

God’s in it and He hears our cry and opens doors for us.

  • A team of people run a food bank distribution point– through it people needs are being met – it's run by volunteers and food is donated. 

God is Love, and the church reveals it.

  • Volunteers throw our doors open for Mums and Tots through Teddy Bears, demonstrating unconditional love.

 God welcomes and loves all and we are called to do the same.

  • The range of activities in our work with young people – offering love, hope and a chance for young people to see themselves as special and loved by God and with a plan and purpose for their future.

God believes in His creation, we are all special, he never gives up on us, the church has the same heart.

  • Art and craft groups give people a chance to build lasting friendships and discover creative skills

God desires his people to live in community , supporting and encouraging each other and use the creative skills He has provided.

  • We are involved in Prison Ministry – through it lives are changed and new starts are made

God came to set captives free – He uses His church in wonderful exciting ways

  • Through the church we sponsor a number of young people around the world through Compassion and Tear Fund – changing lives and communities around the world. God’s gifts are for sharing and giving away.

God calls us to love our neighbour as our self.

  • We do community projects - like the Wilderness project, such as clearing a back garden and giving a couple a new start – through it, friendships were formed and lives were changed, literally from darkness to light.

What God does for us is massive.

  • Street Pastors – out on the streets in the small hours of the morning, helping clubbers “survive” and making a positive difference in the town centre.

The church serves others as if we are serving God.

We care about families – and run Messy Church to give families a creative space. We also give Christmas Hampers to provide practical support

  • God is love and everybody is included in that

Making Disciples - a relationship with Jesus.

  • During Alpha courses, a number of people made new or reconfirmed their relationships with Jesus – Our faith is about relationships, journey and questions .

When we were still far off God met us in His Son and brought us home

  • We take our teenage youth group to a weekend camping event called Spree - many of them come back having made new commitments to a relationship with Jesus. At the same time other children also started out on the new journey, they went home and told their parents and introduced them to relationships which they have now confirmed .

God longs for us to know Him

  • A member of a small group says they used to be terrified of coming into church – now they love it ,the feeling of love, encouragement, support and peace is transforming, and a sense of hope: the problem is how to leave this place! -  another says it like a big family.

Having a relationship with Jesus is transforming, it opens up a whole new world

  • The teenager who came to Urban Saints with a reputation for being a “bad boy” – found something different and asked to start a new life with Jesus.

God offers us a fresh start