Welcome to the Churches of welcome
Clifton, Newton and Brownsover.

If you’re asking questions about God, looking for a church to join or simply want to see what church has to offer, it is great that you’re here. More than church buildings or services we are a wonderful mix of people brought together as we bring our questions, pains and joys to journey with God, worship Him, follow Jesus and demonstrate His love by making a positive impact on the people and environment around us.

We believe God loves each and every person and His overwhelming desire is that we recognise that for ourselves and to live in that knowledge. We see God active today healing and transforming situations and lives, and we witness this in the testimony of individuals*

You may have doubts, questions or concerns, and it is unlikely that as a church we will have all the answers – what we offer is practical support, a chance to be with others tackling similar issues, and to help you build a relationship with Jesus and God, who loves you in a way which is beyond our understanding, but is transformational*

If you are interested in becoming part of our community, please take time to browse this site where you will find information on the various aspects of our church life. We are very happy to welcome you whatever your understanding of the Christian faith.

 We would love to meet you at one of our services and get to know each other. You can also fill out a ‘Getting Connected’ form online and one of our team will get back to you with more information and helpful contacts.

Our hope is that you might join us on our journey.

Rev Tim DavisRev Jane Gaffney

    Tim Davis                     Jane Gaffney
       Vicar                       Methodist Minister

* For testimony from individuals in our churches about God transforming situations, and helping people today, please follow this link