Clifton and Newton

St Mary the VirginSt Marys Clifton
Clifton upon Dunsmore


Church Street
Clifton upon Dunsmore

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Church Wardens

Lynn Cattell - 01788 542957

Sue McKenzie - 07721064312

Tower Captain

Catherine Jamieson - 01788 536690


Cath Hammond - 01788 576711


David Mclean - 01788 332749

Funeral/Memorial Services

Ray Willis -  01788 565684

God's Big Picture

A summary table of the recent sermon series, based on the book “God’s Big Picture: A Bible Overview” by Vaughan Roberts, can be found here

A link to a free video course and printable resources can be found here

The Good Shepherd

 A Local Ecumenical Partnership

Newton Road

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Here is a list of the activities based at Clifton and Newton churches
- for more detail please follow the links. 

Regular Church Services

St Mary's Clifton

1st Sunday of the month 9.30am Morning Prayer

2nd Sunday of the month 9.30am Holy Communion

3rd Sunday of the month check diary 8am Prayer Book Holy Communion AND 9.30 am Welcome to Worship OR 4pm Afternoon Worship for special occasions

4th Sunday of the month 9.30 am Holy Communion

5th Sunday of the month 10 am Benefice Praise - venue alternates with Christ Church Brownsover, check diary for details

The Good Shepherd Newton

Every Sunday 6pm Evening Worship  except 4th Sunday of the month 4pm Worship for All (Family Service)

- for latest detail please follow this link.

Find out about weddings, baptism (christening) or funerals here.......

Fellowship Groups

Various groups are available, please complete the contact form and one of the team will be in touch


-If you have a prayer request please complete the contact form with as much as detail as you can and people will use it as part of their prayer times. We really do believe God answers our prayers - please follow this link for some inspiring stories.

There is a specific time of prayer every Wednesday - 12 noon  - at St Mary's Clifton

Getting  to Clifton & Newton and general information

There are frequent bus routes to Clifton Stage Coach timetable, buses to Newton are infrequent

Car Parking on nearby roads

There are no dedicated cycle parks - but space to lock bikes is available

Disabled Facilities There are no dedicated disabled car parking spaces.

Wheelchair access is found at the rear of the Clifton church - where "drop off" parking is available. Inside the church you have wheelchair access to all areas and dedicated wash room facilities. If you have any difficulties please speak to one of the stewards.

Privacy Statement

The privacy statement for St Mary's and The Good Shepherd can be found here

During the interregnum, do NOT use the contact details below