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Baptism (Christening)

We love, and get very excited, to welcome all ages in Baptism (Christening), and it is something we consider as very special. We have the facility for full immersion baptism if this is something you are considering.

baptismTo avoid any misunderstandings we have a policy for Baptisms which is in line with the guidelines provided by both the Methodist church and the CofE.  During the Baptism service, statements about faith and promises about inclusion in the church family are made by all involved. Our policy seeks to maintain the integrity of this by baptising those who can demonstrate a commitment to inclusion in the church family and integrating the special occasion within our normal services.

 For babies and young children the intention is that part of the journey towards Baptism would include a thanksgiving service, which can be arranged around your personal availability

If it is your child you are considering, yet you feel unsure about making these promises and faith statements on behalf of your child, or feel uncomfortable making a commitment to be part of the church family, or you would rather leave it to the child to make their own promises later in life – then why not simply consider a special occasion with Thanksgiving.

To help you decide we host a number of open sessions on Saturdays where expectations can be shared with others in similar situations over a cup of coffee  - please complete the form below to find out more.


We are delighted to be able to offer marriage services at any of our churches. We will do our best to meet with your request for a specific date and time  - but please realise that bookings are often made 9-12 months in advance, so please get in touch with the coordinators at our churches early in your planning (before booking a venue for any reception) to avoid disappointment and confusion.

If you are looking to have Banns read in one of our churches please fill in the contact form and one of the team will get back to you.


Funeral services are available at any of our churches – in the first instance please contact a funeral director who will make all arrangements for you, including the necessary detail with ourselves. Once this has happened, you will be contacted by a member of our team to discuss personal needs.

Please feel free to contact directly any one of the ministerial team if you, or somebody you know, is in need of pastoral support and care at this time.

funeralsHere are some of the local funeral directors -

Co-operative Funeral Services - 01788 576099
The Rugby Funeral Home  - 01788 544644
Greenhaven Woodland Burial Ground Ltd - 01788 860604
Walton & Taylor - 01788 543008

Baptism Coordinator - David Mclean 01788 332749- or please use the form below

Wedding Coordinator - Cath Hammond 01788 576711  - or please use the form below

All special service requests to Christ Church Brownsover on attached form
or contact Liz Hopkin 07522407507 or email 

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